About Us

mygrowchart.com originated from my daughter’s own growth chart.  Hers was a paper chart that still hangs in my office.

And as you can see, it was well-loved, very much the center of her “growing” memories, and her friends.  As life happened, we moved several times and during each move, I would carefully peel off the tape holding it up and holding it together, and then tape it to the next wall.

About the time she was moving out of her little girl’s bedroom, an idea was born, build a better growth chart.

The main improvements: durable, washable, easy to put up and down (when you paint your child’s room for the umpteenth time and like some families today when you move again and again. This newly designed growth chart will withstand little sticky fingers, has room for friend’s measurements and lots of notes, measures in both inches and centimeters, and all the way to 6 feet!

Easy to move with your family, durable, and a multi-generational use for plastic. Yay! This is the growth chart I wish I’d had when my daughter was growing up.

About our growth charts

Our bright fun designs are digitally, or screen printed using non-toxic alcohol-based ink on either rigid vinyl or polystyrene so they can hang safely in nurseries, children’s rooms, preschools, doctor’s offices and at grandma & grandpa’s house. The durability of a credit card, with the flexibility to be easily rolled-up, transported, and rehung wherever life takes your family. A product that can begin at childhood, throughout teen years and beyond.