Because Babies Grow Fast

Capture their growing memories.

Babies Grow Fast

treasure their growing memories on these Colorful Growth Charts.

How Big Am I?

capture these precious moments.

Capture a lifetime of growing memories

Measurements for both inches and centimeters, starting at 24″, (when babies are just beginning to wobbly-stand), and all the way to 6′ tall. 


Order 3 or more growth charts and you will receive $4 off the price of each chart.  (Great for Baby Showers and Birthdays gifts).

Easy to hang up

To keep things simple, sturdy, and easy to hang, we created snap together hangers that fit over the growth chart ends, both top and bottom. Within minutes you have your grow chart hanging secure on the wall and ready to mark your child’s first growing memories

Along with the growth chart, you will receive a free Sharpie Ultra-Fine permanent marker so you can get started right away capturing those precious growing memories.